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February 15th, Cynthia will be a virtual lecturer in the classroom of Timi Poeppelman, of California State University, Sacramento’ Journalism & Communication Studies Department. The class has viewed pilot episodes of TV series from the last few decades and is read to talk podcasting, social messaging, TV & more!

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(Chicago, IL) – Advanced TV Herstory, the podcast that presents the achievements and persistence of women in and of television announced its sponsorship of the 2018 Athena Film Festival at Barnard College (NYC).

“Supporting the Athena Film Festival fits squarely with Advanced TV Herstory’s mission. We share the calling to celebrate the work of talented women, their leadership, achievement and persistence that helped build our culture. As women again progress to roles of visible producer, director and writer, we must keep telling the stories,” podcast producer Cynthia Bemis Abrams explained.

Advanced TV Herstory joins Artemis Rising Foundation, Amazon Studios & Lifetime Television Network in sponsoring the February 22-25 film festival on the Barnard College Campus.  The event, attended by women filmmakers from around the world, is hosted by the Athena Center for Leadership Studies.

“Advanced TV Herstory is well-known in the podcasting community for its deep research and knowledge of American culture, TV and women. When it comes to matters of representation and changing the narrative about women as media creators, the lines between film and TV are almost irrelevant. It’s this area of representation, where it doesn’t matter what form of media you’re talking about,  film, TV, radio or news, women’s voices are barely heard. And the stories and lessons of those who've gone before... pretty much forgotten” Abrams explained.

The festival includes premieres and screenings of films made by women, including 2017 box office smashes LadyBird and Wonder Woman.




I am a public relations practitioner and leadership instructor. In the course of a few months, three things happened to me that caused me to say, "Hey, I can do a podcast about women in and of TV!"

  1. "Mom, Battlestar Galactica has a number of complex leadership threads going on in it. You should watch it."
  2. In advising my class of what professional attire was appropriate for their presentation, I swiftly pulled up Julia Sugarbaker's The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia speech that aired in October 1986. It was a 10 minute answer that wandered from shoulder pads and hair ton professional wear for women in their 20s & 30s. "These were working women we saw every week," I told the class. "Yes Designing Women and other shows definitely influenced workplace wardrobe decisions for young women in the 80s."
  3. "Mom, there's a podcast you should listen to about classic Hollywood. I think you'd like it."

Really, that's how it went down.

The rest is herstory!


So you think you got something to say? Some of the best segments come from smart guests who hold great knowledge of TV, TV women or feminism's role in social change and the media. Authors, professors and professionals who can connect the dots between what is experienced on TV and the human conditon - we want to her from you!

Cynthia is a crackerjack guest on other people's shows too. View or download her one-sheet (below).

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Cynthia Bemis Abrams


Public Relations & Leadership Consultant; Adjunct Professor; Life-long TV enthusiast

Cynthia's podcasting life began in 2015, when she realized she had found the right place for her perspective and cultural knowledge of women in and of TV.  She had found no forum, no place where anyone attempted to take the work of women in and of TV and analyze it, add depth to it by looking at it in a social context and weave it into stories of leadership persistence and achievement. Banquets and awards, yes. Breaking down the nuances of a performance, story arc or the feminist side of a storied career. Nada.

With script, microphone, editing software suite and a hosting account, Cynthia started podcasting and hasn't slowed down. When she's not producing her own, Cynthia consumes podcasts that pertain to television and film, with You Must Remember This, Women and Hollywood and What Would Sharon Raydor Do? among the favorites.

Activities & Affiliations

  • Cultural Studies Association, Member
  • Alliance for Women in Media, Member
  • YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago, Medical Advocate Volunteer

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David Brown, Audio engineer

Adobe Creative Suite, especially Premiere Pro and Audition; Avid Pro Tools

Professional sound design and production sound mixing for film and radio; performer and filmmaker.

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
Bachelor of Arts in Communication

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1st Gen Latina from New York City, marketing analytic data expert, amateur photographer, afflicted with wanderlust, podcaster of You Wanna Do What?

State University of New York, Albany Bachelors Degree in Economics