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I am a public relations practitioner and leadership instructor. In the course of a few months, three things happened to me that caused me to say, "Hey, I can do a podcast about women in and of TV!"

  1. "Mom, Battlestar Galactica has a number of complex leadership threads going on in it. You should watch it."

  2. In advising my class of what professional attire was appropriate for their presentation, I swiftly pulled up Julia Sugarbaker's The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia speech that aired in October 1986. Suddenly, my 10 minute answer wandered from shoulder pads and hair ton professional wear for women in their 20s & 30s. "These were working women we saw every week," I told the class. "Yes Designing Women and other shows definitely influenced workplace wardrobe decisions for young women in the 80s."

  3. "Mom, there's a podcast you should listen to about classic Hollywood. I think you'd like it."

Really, that's how it went down.

The rest is herstory!


So you think you got something to say? Some of the best segments come from smart guests who hold great knowledge of TV, TV women or feminism's role in social change and the media. Authors, professors and professionals who can connect the dots between what is experienced on TV and the human conditon - we want to her from you!

Cynthia is a crackerjack guest on other people's shows too. View or download her one-sheet (below).

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Advanced TV Herstory is proud to be an all-woman production team:
Audio Technician Jen Edds, Creative Director Catherine Yang & Creator Cynthia Bemis Abrams

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Cynthia Bemis Abrams


Public Relations & Leadership Consultant; Adjunct Professor, former elected public servant

When she's not producing her own, Cynthia lists She Podcasts, Let's Chat with Chris Revill and The Cutaways Podcast among her faves.

Activities & Affiliations

  • Cultural Studies Association, Member

  • Alliance for Women in Media, Member

  • YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago, Medical Advocate Volunteer

  • Mines Advisory Group, Washington, D.C., Chair of the Board of Directors

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jen edds, Audio engineer

Jen's mission is "to help the do-gooders of the world make a profound impact by putting them in the ears, heads, and hearts of new audiences with podcasts and other audio content."

Professional sound design and production sound mixing, performer and music creator.


Catherine Yang, creative director & producer of video content

A Chicago-based New Yorker and graduate of Northwestern University's School of Communication as well as a composer and music producer.