Stories of leadership, persistence & achievement of TV women
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Do you love talking TV? So do we!

Enjoy an in-depth review of great moments in TV Herstory, careers that inspire, and behind-the-scenes looks at women who performed or somehow brought them to our TVs.

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Moments in tv herstory

TV news and moments have filled lives since sets became common to living rooms. Sure, TV enables us to learn about American history through video sources, but like so much of TV representation, that history has more to do with men's achievements than women's. Researched & applying context across social, political and economic themes of the day, episodes about Anita Hill, Billie Jean King's Battle of the Sexes, Murphy Brown's entry into single motherhood and many more.

Series profile

Long-forgotten favorites or underrated, short-lived classics are worth examining and celebrating. Heck, we hope that after listening to one of our episodes, you find the streaming service or cache of DVDs to feed the good feeling! From Sports Night to Living Single to Sisters, we kick up the dust on series that deserve a little more time in the spotlight.

podcast & mission

Occasionally, we need to talk about what we're doing and why we're doing it. We value our relationship with and loyalty of our listeners. 

Each summer, we produce a State of the Podcast episode, recapping and mapping our efforts and content. Also, we consider bringing listeners important conversations with TV/film pros like Emmy Award winning documentary producer Sarah Moshman helps us fulfill our mission. And it was fun!


Careers & legacies

Through all media channels, we learn bits here and there about women who have led stellar, fascinating careers in the TV world - some behind the camera and some in front of it. Episodes also talk about those whose talents and drive have brought them to wearing the hats of director, producer, or writer. If you feel a bit peckish in your knowledge of Debbie Allen, Betty White, Daytime showrunner Agnes Nixon, Anna “Patty” Duke or Dinah Shore, you've come to the right place.

behind the scenes

Many of the best lessons of leadership and persistence are found from the stories told about what took place behind the scenes. Esther Rolle’s impact on how Good Times depicted a black family in the 70s remains a favorite, as does a noted media studies professor helping us understand how Debbie Allen turned A Different World into a classic, timeless sitcom.

herstory & social

What makes Advanced TV Herstory unique is our knack of framing the context of American culture, politics, economics, technology and feminism around events, series and milestones.

A series loved as much for its fashion as its playfulness, Bewitched, subtly addressed social issues. Our look at the ‘69 Christmas episode explains more.

books about tv

We're honored to be part of many a network of scholars and authors who research and write about TV, like TV’s Single Women (4 episodes), Lady Spies and Crimefighters, Sex and the City and more!



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Advanced TV Herstory fills a powerful niche at this time in our culture and society. We’re looking for some kind of escape, but we don’t want to let go of our desire to connect to the greater impact and work that goes along with truly shifting the world that we, as women, pulse and long for.

This is straight-forward, well-researched production that delivers the lessons of TV for all of us!
— Elsie Escobar, member of the Academy of Podcasting Hall of Fame & podcast strategist and developer

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At Advanced TV Herstory, all we do is talk about women and TV. We regularly hear from authors, media studies professors, TV fans and people who were just profoundly moved by a moment of TV history that happened to feature a woman or women.

We'd love to hear from you about your memories, favorite episodes or series, or your strong opinions about how women are represented in the TV industry.

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