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BSG's Laura Roslin Shattered Stereotypes

Interview with Julie Krassnik

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Wow! Listeners we’ve left you with a lot to process! If you’ve got insight into either Mary McDonnell’s quality, quality career or these two primary roles she’s brought to television, please drop me a line. There is not enough perspective or appreciation of her fine work.

In her podcast What Would Sharon Raydor Do? McDonnell frequently talks about feminism and representation. She’s outspoken about how we must support one another if we’re going to get ahead.

And let’s face it, on TV, we’re outnumbered and out-resourced every day on TV. Our voices are marginalized or dismissed on news analysis panels. Reports indicate that sports coverage of women athletes has become more not less sexist and racist.

We don’t have an hour, let alone two full days of coverage across numerous channels every week, covering the actions of women in and of TV. Picture this… Two or three smart women sitting at the desk with screens and a telestrator. An hour dedicated to breaking down the reactions of Anita Hill’s testimony in 1991 before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Statistics, body language and context provided by Professor Hill herself.

Or having Mary lead us through the strengths she sees in her characters and how their values, beliefs and experiences have built them into the women she’s brought us. Where can women go to have THAT kind of analysis and understanding?

Until such time as that sort of show reaches TV, rest assured you’ll find it here at Advanced TV Herstory. Subscribe on Google Play, Apple Podcast and Otto Radio. Play it directly on Player FM, Libsyn or our podcast website – Your recommendations mean the world to me and helping someone – a new listener - master the easiest way for them to listen. It’s the greatest compliment. <sigh> If women ran the podcasting world…

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This is why I podcast. I’m your host Cynthia Bemis Abrams