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Scripts from Advanced TV Herstory episodes are from production dates June 2015 to present. Audio clips from external sources are noted in italics.

Daytime Drama’s Place in Herstory: A visit with Prof. Elana Levine

Does the Luke & Laura (GH) rape scene still make you jittery? Remember when birth control was a controversial story arc for Erica Kane? It's not coincidental that the tremendous pace of culture change in American society took place at the same time that TV became a pervasive presence in our lives. This installment of Advanced TV Herstory picks up the conversation thread with Media Professor and Author Elana Levine, who spends a lot of time researching, writing and thinking about the role of daytime drama in the cultural evolution of the later 20th century.

Dr. Levine is currently immersed in research and chapter building in anticipation of her next book, Her Stories: Daytime Soap Operas and US Television History.

Audio of 2016 interview conducted at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.